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0006457JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2015-12-12 13:24
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Summary0006457: TJvSpinEdit handles minus sign incorrectly
DescriptionIf a TJvSpinEdit has a positive MinValue set, then pressing the minus sign causes the value to change to negative MinValue.

This is apparently a regression introduced by; in that bug, trying to type a negative number resulted in the number being temporarily "-0", so it was reset to 0. The fix involved explicitly tracking the minus sign outside of the current value, but that fix means that trying to type a negative value can result in the minus sign being applied to the (positive) minimum value.
Additional InformationTo demonstrate, run the sample project, set the cursor to the beginning of the spin edit, and press '-'. The minimum value should be 0.5, but the value shown is -0.5.
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2015-12-12 13:24

developer   ~0021255

Fix in master branch.

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