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0006467JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2020-05-19 10:02
ReporterMrBugIssueAssigned Toobones 
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Product Version3.48 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006467: TJvBalloonHint flickering problems on Windows 7 and higher
DescriptionBefore the TJvBalloonHint will shown the background rectangle of the balloon hint flickers up first shortly. It's really annoying and looks ugly. But this only happens when the Visual Effect "Fade or slide ToolTips into view" inside the "Windows performance options" dialog is checked (turned on). Everything is fine when it's unchecked (turned off). So maybe someone can help me to find a workaround for this behaviour?

Windows performance options dialog:

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2015-10-27 09:29


Rectangle flickering.png (32,658 bytes)
Rectangle flickering.png (32,658 bytes)


2018-07-18 15:37

administrator   ~0021481

Could you check if the issue is still present in the latest GIT content? If yes, please provide the zipped sources of an application showing this.


2020-05-19 10:02

administrator   ~0021895

No reply in a timely manner, suspending the issue

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