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0006476JEDI VCL02 Installationpublic2015-12-12 14:31
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Product Version3.48 
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Summary0006476: Unable to compile with XP Theming enabled
DescriptionHello support,

IDE/Compiler: Borland C++ Builder 6, running under Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Installed JCL version: Release 2.5 Build 4572
Installing JVCL version:
Both the above are from JCL/JVCL Official Release installation file: at:

I'm getting a compile error when running the JVCL installer with the XP Theming enabled.
The errors are in module: JvThemes.pas(1493)
Undeclared Identifier: TThemeSize'
Undeclared identifier: TS_MIN'
Undeclared identifier: TS_DRAW
Undeclared identifier: 'GetThemePartSize'
See attached image of the actual installer output screen.

With XP Theming disabled the compile/link/component install is perfect.

I have XP theming enabled in a much older, 2008, version of JEDI. So I would be very appreciative if you could point me in the right direction in order to get up to date.

As I'm compiling with BCB 6, I have successfully followed Carmelo Viavattene's instructions to produce the DCP files.

But the instruction to:
"Open with a text editor and remove the dot in {.$DEFINE JVCLThemesEnabled} before building the jvcl packages"
cannot be done because {.$DEFINE JVCLThemesEnabled} doesn't exist in The only reference to this define is on line 319:
 {$DEFINE JVCLThemesEnabled}

So I ignored this instruction.

Thank you.
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2015-12-08 05:50


JVCL Install Log.PNG (24,225 bytes)
JVCL Install Log.PNG (24,225 bytes)


2015-12-12 14:31

developer   ~0021256

Fixed in master branch.

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