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0006481JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2020-05-19 10:33
ReporterTomTAssigned To 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version3.48 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006481: JvSpinEdit does not display properly when VCL Styles are enabled
DescriptionThe up/down arrows do not display properly when a VCL Style is enabled and the buttonkind property is set to either bkclassis or bkstandard.
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2015-12-13 18:11

reporter   ~0021257

It turns out that the issue only occurs when using the component in conjunction with VCL.Styles.Utils.Comctrls (part of the vlc-styles-utils library). I will see if the author of that library can sort it out. No need for changes on your end.


2015-12-16 23:38

reporter   ~0021259

Sorry -- initial report was correct after all -- up/down arrows have strange appearance when VCL Styles are enabled and buttonkind property is set to either bkclassis or bkstandard.

2015-12-16 23:42


with style.jpg (4,830 bytes)
with style.jpg (4,830 bytes)


2018-07-18 15:37

administrator   ~0021480

Could you check if the issue is still present in the latest GIT content? If yes, please provide the zipped sources of an application showing this.

2019-05-19 11:01 (120,980 bytes)


2019-05-19 11:03

reporter   ~0021840

Using 10.3 Rio Update 1 I created a small test application but cannot reproduce your issue. See attached screenshot as well. Neither Standard nor Classic button style looks wrong for me. Attached screenshot is Standard button style.

2019-05-19 11:03



2020-05-19 10:33

administrator   ~0021927

Any news on this?

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