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0006622JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2018-07-18 16:01
ReporterdummzeuchAssigned Toobones 
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Summary0006622: wrong use of {$ifdef DELPHI2009OROLDER} in JvGnuGettext
DescriptionIn TGnuGettextInstance.TranslateStrings there are various places where the {$ifdef DELPHI2009OROLDER} is used. TStringList.OwnsObjects was introduced in later versions, so it should actually be $ifndef:

line 2122:
  {$ifdef DELPHI2009OROLDER}
  originalOwnsObjects: Boolean;

Line 2132:
    {$ifdef DELPHI2009OROLDER}
    originalOwnsObjects := False; // avoid warning

Line 2157:
        {$ifdef DELPHI2009OROLDER}
        if Assigned(slAsTStringList) then begin
          originalOwnsObjects := slAsTStringList.OwnsObjects;
          slAsTStringList.OwnsObjects := False;

Line 2183:
          {$ifdef DELPHI2009OROLDER}
          if Assigned(slAsTStringList) then
            slAsTStringList.OwnsObjects := originalOwnsObjects;
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2018-03-12 03:38

reporter   ~0021457

Actually the problem is the misnaming of the conditionals.
DELPHI2009OROLDER means newer!!



2018-03-12 04:49

reporter   ~0021458

In other words it works correctly but it so confusing.


2018-03-15 21:51

developer   ~0021459

Last edited: 2018-03-15 21:52

The JvGnugettext unit is a copy of the dxgettext project ( ). The unit was once adjusted to the JEDI code style but that made it impossible to update the unit. The current version of the unit is the code of the original project from 2012 with some minor bugfixes.

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