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0006632JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2019-04-28 17:59
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Summary0006632: saving with JvSaveDialog
DescriptionWe tried to use JvSaveDialog in our C++ project, but we got a issue:
In component we have checked Options -> ofOverwritePrompt.
When we tried to save the file with same name as one already in folder and we didn't get any message about overwriting of file then when we looked to folder file was overwritten.
So for us it seems that option ofOverwritePrompt doesn't work.

We use:
RAD Studio 10 Seattle update 1
JVCL 3.50

additionally I am attaching the zipped file with example code and compiled exe
which demonstrates it.

Thanks in advance.
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2018-04-05 15:50


test.7z (1,300,816 bytes)


2018-04-05 18:34

reporter   ~0021462

In addition ...
There is also problem with save button which is set to "Open" instead of "Save".
Default setting of title bar is also set to Open...???
It is major severity in my opinion.


2019-04-28 17:59

reporter   ~0021776

About the wrong button captions and the title bar: could it be because TJvSaveDialog inherits from TJvOpenDialog which inherits from TOpenDialog?

What would happen, if we implemented TJvSaveDialog analog to TJvOpenDialog and inheritig from TSaveDialog then?

Or is there an easier way to fix this available?

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