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0006686JEDI VCLInstallationpublic2020-05-23 18:02
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Product VersionDaily / GIT 
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Summary0006686: Install JCL exception EjclMsBuilderError
DescriptionNot possible to install the daily snapshot from 05/05/2020 ( on Delphi 2007 due the the MsBuild.exe error (see pincture) :
Exception EjclMsBuilderError in module jedinstaller.exe at 000314EE
Unable to locate MsBuild.exe
TagsJcl, JclMsBuild



2020-04-05 10:15


jclErr.PNG (6,609 bytes)
jclErr.PNG (6,609 bytes)


2020-05-18 22:31

administrator   ~0021874

Is this with only D2007 installed?


2020-05-19 19:27

reporter   ~0021932

Yes, the only IDE installed on this computer is Delphi 2007.
Does installation of another version resolves the problem?


2020-05-20 15:42

administrator   ~0021934

This is very strange because Delphi 2007 is supposed to require .Net to be installed and this implies having MSBuild installed.
I have a VM here with just D2007 and I do have msbuild.exe at this location:


If it is there, the next option is to debug the installer inside D2007. Here are the steps:

Open "\jcl\jcl\install\JediInstaller.dpr"
Place a breakpoint inside JclMsBuild.pas at line 1437, on the call to TJclClrHost.GetClrVersions
Run the project in debug mode in the IDE

The breakpoint should be reached and if you step over, you should have elements in the DotNetVersions string list.
If not, then the code that enumerates needs to be stepped into to find out what's not working. I strongly believe this is because the .net Framework is not installed properly
If there are elements, then please step into the next instructions, maybe the msbuild.exe file is not in any of the returned locations, which once again hints at an incomplete .Net framework installation


2020-05-20 21:04

reporter   ~0021935

Msbuild is installed correcty, Version 6633 of JCL builds just fine. I should have said before that I have already a version of JCL/JVCL installed correctly and used fine on my Delphi 2007 on Windows 10 PRO, The problem is when I try to update to the latest daily snapshot, Reinstalling the correct version 6633 compiles fine and installs with no problem at all.
I would debug the dpr and see if this can shed some light on the issue.

msvuild.jpg (69,929 bytes)
msvuild.jpg (69,929 bytes)


2020-05-23 18:02

administrator   ~0021936

If I read your version number correctly, it is from more than 2 years ago. Here is the history for the JclDotNet.pas file where TJclClrHost resides:

I don't see much changes in this area, but maybe we missed something.

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