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0006703JEDI Code LibraryJclMathpublic2020-08-09 10:59
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Summary0006703: Results from JclMath.ArcSec and System.Math.ArcSec differ
DescriptionI added a unit test as shown via steps below and when running it I get a huge difference of the values calculated by JclMath and System.Math.
Looking at the implementation of both functions I see they quite differ mathematically.

Result of the test run:
expected: <1,8247742815658> but was: <1,31681837202399>
Steps To ReproduceAdd the following implementation of a DUnit unit test to TestJCLMath.pas from qa\automated\dunit\unit and run it.

procedure TMathTranscendentalTest._ArcSec;
  x: Extended;

  x := -3.98;

  while x < -1 do
    CheckEquals(Math.ArcSec(X), JclMath.ArcSec(X), PrecisionTolerance);
    x := x + 0.1;

  x := 1.00;

  while x < 4 do
    CheckEquals(Math.ArcSec(X), JclMath.ArcSec(X), PrecisionTolerance);
    x := x + 0.1;
Additional InformationI selected IDE version 10.3 as 10.4 is not available in the list.
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Fixed in GIT commit
Fixed in SVN revision
IDE version10.3


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