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0006718JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2024-01-02 22:46
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Summary0006718: Issue reported with JvTFAlarm not triggered
DescriptionJvTFAlarm was reported to not trigger an Alarm event, based on an appointment being set. Discovered that in order for alarm to trigger, a Resources name/string (TStrings) must be entered (in the Resources field of the control) matching the resource name used in the appointment database/table where an appointment is saved. Alarm then triggers on-time as well as the snooze feature working. Tested with version 3.50 of JVCL build. Using Delphi 10 Professional (Seattle) version.
Steps To ReproduceFind a resource name in the database used for appointments (link table), drop an Alarm control on a the Delphi VCL form and set Resource string as well as an event procedure. Add an appointment to the day grid and alarm event will fire/trigger. Without Resource string, alarm event will not trigger.
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