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0006748JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2022-07-28 13:29
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PlatformAlexandria 11.1OSWindowsOS Version10
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Summary0006748: JvBaseEdits, IsValidFloat
Descriptiona failure occurs in TJVDBCalcEdit, when trying to type a value starting as cents, without typing the number zero before the comma.
Example: 0,15, ok, accept nice. But if you type: ,15, it doesn't work.

The error occurs in the JvBaseEdits unit, IsValidFloat function, after activating the TextToFloat function.

function IsValidFloat(const Value: string; var RetValue: Extended): Boolean;
   I: Integer;
   Result := False;
   for I := 1 to Length(Value) do
     if not CharInSet(Value[I], [JclFormatSettings.DecimalSeparator, '-', '+', '0'..'9', 'e', 'E']) then
   Result := TextToFloat(PChar(Value), RetValue, fvExtended);

In Delphi Alexandria 11, Result := TextToFloat(PChar(Value), RetValue, fvExtended); returns "True".

In Delphi Alexandria 11.1, Result := TextToFloat(PChar(Value), RetValue, fvExtended); returns "False".

The value of the variable "Value", is ","

The value entered was just the comma, without the zero before.
Steps To Reproduceinstall delphi alexandria 11.1
Install last jvcl and jcl
place a TJVDBCalcEdit in the form
now, clear TJVDBCalcEdit
now, type , or . 15 Ex: ,15
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