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0006759JEDI VCL02 Installationpublic2023-02-06 16:09
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Product Version3.48 
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Summary0006759: Incomplete OTAPI wizard registration
DescriptionTJvBandObjectDLLWizard registeres itsself into File/New menu of the Delphi IDE. But the way it is implemented leads to having two categories "Experten" (in a German installation, in English that would most likely be "Experts").

The ToolsApi docs for IOTARepositoryWizard states:
In order to work properly in the current IDE, each IOTARepositoryWizard
should also implement IOTARepositoryWizard80 and IOTARepositoryWizard160

Obviously TJvBandObjectDLLWizard misses to follow that rule, thus a proper implementation of GetGalleryCategory is missing. While there is a fallback to GetPage, that one just returns an empty string. I guess, that messes up the system.

A proper implementation can be looked up from TJvPluginWizard.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install JVCL
2. Start IDE
3. Look at File/New and the categories listed

Exp.: "Experten" listed once
Act.: "Experten" listed twice
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2023-02-06 16:09

reporter   ~0022041

When I open Project -> AVR-Optionen... and click OK, I see the counter incrementing as expected in :

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