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0006768JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2024-01-02 15:00
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Summary0006768: Add OnCanChange in TJvWizard
DescriptionAdd Events OnCanChange in TJvWizard ex.:

void Tform1::JvWiazadCanChange (TObject *Sender, bool &Change)
    if (JvWiazad->ActivePage == Page1)
        Change = true;
    else if (JvWiazad->ActivePage == Page2)
        Change = !Gloga.IsEmpty();

OnCanChange event fired before OnActivePageChanged, OnActivePageChanging
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2024-01-02 14:07

developer   ~0022066

You can use OnActivePageChanging for this by setting the "ToPage" parameter to the ActivePage if you don't want to allow the page to be changed.

void Tform1::JvWizardActivePageChanging (TObject *Sender, TJvWizardCustomPage *ToPage)
    if (JvWizard->ActivePage == Page2 && !Gloga.IsEmpty())
        ToPage = JvWizard->ActivePage;

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