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0000878JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-02 11:01
ReporterPogoAssigned Touser72 
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Summary0000878: TJvDBLookupList wheelscroll crash
DescriptionWhen using the component: TJvDBLookupList and scrolling with the wheel on your mouse, you get an Access Violation (=AV).
Additional InformationThe AV is because there's no check on "FLookupLink.DataSet" being a nil value. In JVCL 2.1 you can find this non-checked dataset in unit: JvLookup, line 2408 or better yet: Method: TJvDBLookupList.WMVScroll. This function was "copied" from the original VCL. Borland solved this bug in Delphi 6. You can check there for the solution.
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2003-04-24 06:30

developer   ~0001955

Thanks, fixed in CVS revision 1.10, see:


2004-03-11 00:57

reporter   ~0003310

In this article:,1410,20243,00.html
Borland explains the error + fix. The first part is handled in the same fashion as Borland did.
I think the second part should be copied too, therefor I reopened this bug. Sorry for any inconvinience!


2004-03-11 01:23


I've added the fixes to JvDBLookup.pas (JVCL3)


2004-04-02 11:01


Since no feedback, assuming it works.

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