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0003650 [JEDI VCL] 00 JVCL Components minor always 2006-04-20 06:03 2006-05-03 05:31
Reporter ivan_ra View Status public  
Assigned To ivan_ra
Priority normal Resolution fixed  
Status resolved   Product Version Daily / GIT
Summary 0003650: Strange code in IvInterpreter
Description there is strange code introduced in rev.10397. This code "fixes" 0002676 and located in TJvInterpreterIdentifierList.Find:

  while (I <= Count - 1) and (AnsiStrIComp(PChar(TJvInterpreterIdentifier(List[I]).Identifier), PChar(Identifier)) = 0) do
   if SameText(TJvInterpreterMethod(List[I]).FClassType.ClassName, ClassName) then begin Index := I; exit; end else inc(I);

and some code in TJvInterpreterAdapter.GetValue.GetMethod
Additional Information New code in TJvInterpreterIdentifierList.Find finds method for class naming ClassName.
1) in common, this code is unsafe because TJvInterpreterIdentifier<>TJvInterpreterMethod
2) this code is unnecessary, because all methods sorted with inheritance (look at TJvInterpreterMethodList.Sort), so all methods saved in list by inheritance:

"Method" from ancestor
"Method" from ancestors ancestor

So, original code does everything - it finds first ancestor's method, in particular, exactly objects class method first
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Attached Files zip file icon [^] (51,906 bytes) 2006-04-21 03:58
? file icon JvInterpreter.pas.svn.patch [^] (1,983 bytes) 2006-04-21 09:29

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related to 0003667resolvedivan_ra JvInterpreter: non-standard var params does not works 

-  Notes
ivan_ra (developer)
2006-04-20 10:31
edited on: 2006-04-20 10:31

Issue 0002676 was posted for beta version JVCL
It seems now this fix is unnecessary, and more, changes interface without need, and demonstrate bad style of programming

obones (administrator)
2006-04-20 11:18

But I did see the bug happening. So there was an issue. The code might be strange, that I agree. But it does work. If you have "cleaner" code, then please provide it.
ivan_ra (developer)
2006-04-21 03:56

Could you post example? I think error was in user application, not in Interpreter source code. Here is my example:
class TZtringList inherits from TStringList and sorts strings in descending order. It has interpreter adapter and works fine with "old good code" exactly as I wrote
ivan_ra (developer)
2006-04-21 09:28

I want to say what fix from 0002676 is harmless, but:
1) it does nothing new - all introduced logic is part of already implemented logic
2) it's changing interface without need - it's BAD

And this is "downgrading" patch for issue
obones (administrator)
2006-04-26 00:52

Ok, I must have mixed up two issues, I thought there was an example with 2676.
What is in the file you attached here?
ivan_ra (developer)
2006-04-26 05:16

This is example with descendant class to check up 0002676:

TZtringList = class (TStringList)
  procedure Sort; // not override

This class has adapter and works in interpreter as in compiled code

1) after call of JvInterpreterMethodList.Sort methods sorted in this order:


2) so, original method TJvInterpreterIdentifierList.Find always finds TZtringList.Sort before TStringList.Sort, and TJvInterpreterAdapter.GetValue.GetMethod exactly finds TZtringList.Sort for TZtringList and TStringList.Sort for TStringList

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