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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0006631100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2018-06-09Drag and Drop
   0006616100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2018-06-09JvCreateProcess - CloseWrite should be made public
   0006638100 JVCL Componentstweakresolved2018-06-09TJvThread Wait functions can not be used in background threads (solution)
   00066351Miscellanousmajorresolved2018-06-08Some fixes
   0006615300 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2018-01-30JvProgramVersionCheck and JvParameterList are not DPI aware
   0006613102 Installationcrashresolved2018-01-26Crash compiling JvDB70 JvDBlookup (using JVCL install)
   0006563102 Installationminorresolved2017-12-19Installation problem - Cannot access private symbol
   0006603100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2017-11-19Buttons in JvWizard do not scale correctly for high screen resolutions
   00061601600 JVCL Componentsmajorconfirmed2017-04-20JvNTEventLog shows wrong properties
   0006556102 Installationminorresolved2017-03-24Compiler 'Warnings' when installing JVCL for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo
   0006415600 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2016-08-26Invisible buttons on TJvOutlookBar with Windows Server 2008
   0006523402 Installationminorresolved2016-08-23Installer: Delphi Berlin 10.1 Pro identified as "10.1 Pers"?
   00064801600 JVCL Componentscrashresolved2016-08-23Error: Runtime error 217 at 011789DA
   00063712General APIminorresolved2016-08-07Installation issues. Concerns all XE6 and XE7 compilers
   0006262300 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2016-08-07TjvPageListTreeView & TjvStandardPage Enabled = False
   0006391600 JVCL Componentscrashresolved2016-08-07JvAviCapture - ALT key issue
   00064441General APImajorresolved2016-08-06JvToolEdit won't compile on Rad Studio XE2
   00065091General APIblockresolved2016-08-06procedure TJvDBComboEdit.DataChange(Sender: TObject);
   0006266200 JVCL Componentsblockresolved2016-08-06MouseDownEvent doesn't work any more
   0006456800 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2016-08-05TjvStandardPage / TjvPagelistTreeview BUGs
   0006492102 Installationtrivialresolved2016-08-05JVCL can not be installed
   00062418Donationcrashresolved2016-08-04Range check error in JvPaintFX.pas
   0006502100 JVCL Componentstweakresolved2016-08-04Request to make TJvDBGrid.DrawThemedHighlighting a virtual method
   0006505300 JVCL Componentsfeatureresolved2016-08-04Update for TjvCharMap
   0006510100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2016-08-04The selected item appearance in lookup list of TJvDBLookupCombo is not themed
   0006520102 Installationminorresolved2016-08-04Installer crashes due to CSIDL_COMMON_DOCUMENTS not defined
   0006474500 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2016-08-04JvDBGrid OnMouseDown won't be called
   0006514100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2016-08-04Change TJvRichEdit.Alignment at runtime does not work
   0006484200 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2016-08-04TJvFilenameEdit, paint issue when disabled and placed on JvWizard page
   0006513502 Installationmajorresolved2016-08-03unable to install into delphi 10.1 berlin
   00064365JclGraphicscrashresolved2016-08-03Crash in JvPaintFX.pas
   0005909200 JVCL Componentsminoracknowledged2016-04-01RegExpr-validator is broken
   0006499 00 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2016-03-11jvGnuGetText does not work in 64bit with runtime packages
   0006476102 Installationmajorresolved2015-12-12Unable to compile with XP Theming enabled
   0006457100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-12-12TJvSpinEdit handles minus sign incorrectly
   0006473300 JVCL Componentsblockresolved2015-12-12TJvCPUUsage no longer in JVCL !
   0006464100 JVCL Componentsfeatureresolved2015-12-10Patch to customize Hint of the JvOutlookBar to whichever TAction the mouse is over
   0006470100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-12-10TJvLinkLabel Out of system resources
   0006478100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-12-10JvDebugHandler generates the stack trace information with a spelling error!!!
   0006479100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-12-10Crash in TDataSet due to bug in TJvDbGrid
   0006353200 JVCL Componentsminorfeedback2015-11-24Incomplete TJvWallpaperStyle (for Windows 7 and later)
   0006328700 JVCL Componentstweakacknowledged2015-10-14JvDBGrid focused cell does not draw like DBGrid
   0006452302 Installationblockresolved2015-09-27Install 32-bit still fails in Delphi10Seattle with BDE installed.
   0006372100 JVCL Componentsfeatureresolved2015-09-27Jvrollout appearance with vcl styles
   0006451202 Installationblockresolved2015-09-27Install 32-bit fails in Delphi10Seattle with BDE installed.
   0006312500 JVCL Componentsblockresolved2015-09-21The correct support for x64 platform
   0005980302 Installationtrivialresolved2015-09-21redundant loop body
   0005969200 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-09-21Reading a readonly property raises an exception
   0005942100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-09-21TJvCustomOfficeColorButton show dropdown window at wrong position on second monitor
   0005937300 JVCL Componentstweakresolved2015-09-21TJvComboEdit unpublished properties NumbersOnly and TexhHint
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