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0001380JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-11-19 01:26
ReporterxerkanAssigned Toogiesen 
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Summary0001380: JvDBDatePickerEdit: partial date entry shown incorrectly
DescriptionWhen putting directly a date with an low year to 1752 (to make it the data base that I am using he is firebird) when introducing it and putting the center in another component, the date changes to 0 visually? being the interogantes the 3 first numbers of the year, but when it keeps the result or you unfold the calendar this sample the date previous to the modified one
Additional InformationAl meter directamente una fecha con un año inferior a 1752 (para hacerlo la base de datos que estoy usando es la firebird) al introducirlo y poner el foco en otro componente, la fecha se cambia visualmente a 0??? siendo las interogantes las 3 primeras cifras del año, pero cuando guarda el resultado o despliegas el calendario este muestra la fecha anterior a la modificada
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2004-03-31 00:20

developer   ~0003534

Just to give you a little feedback: I have identified the problem but do currently not yet know how to tackle this. As dates prior to 1752-09-14 are invalid anyway I don't see this as a major issue right now. Proper support for dates earlier than that would probably mean to rewrite date handling from scratch AFAICT.


2004-11-19 01:26

administrator   ~0005669

This is too much of a rework for us, as it involves rewriting all the date handling.

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