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0001408JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-06-27 01:55
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Summary0001408: JvMemoryCDS based on JvMemoryData
DescriptionI developed a component similar to "TClientDataset". This work good with NOT Unidirectional Datasets (IBX,BDE,DBIsam,etc). This CDS, allow attach one dataset, and all changes (Inserts,Edits,Deleteds) is applied to the attached dataset, in two modes : Append (only Inserts), and Merge (all).
The "Secret" is the "Status Field". This field is added at the las position in FieldDefs an Fields lists, and hide.
I Have override the "InternalPost" and "InternalDelete" methods, and control the behavoir of changes.
The changes is saved with the method "ApplyChanges", and cancel with "CancelChanges", and have two events (Before ansd after) from Apply.
Additional InformationThis is the first version.
Please send me, comments an suggestion.
Thank you
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Too old, don't see the point, comments in spanish, closing the issue.

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