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0001423JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-03-18 00:10
ReporterKarlheinzJansenAssigned Touser72 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformOSW2KOS Version
Product Version3.00 BETA 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001423: Bug in JvValidator system
DescriptionIf you open the example JvValidators it happens most of the time that the controls TJvRangeValidator, TJvRequiredFieldValidator,TJvCustomValidator, TJvRegularExpressionValidator are not existend for the IDE.

I checked Mainfrm.dfm with notepad and found the code at the end of this message and everything seems to be OK.

If you open the form in Delphi7Pro the code is not there. During loading you get the message from the IDE that the objects are missing.

I tried it also with a new form and the same happens when I load the form. The IDE could not find the items, but they are in the DFM.

Any ideas what happend??

... snip
    object JvRequiredFieldValidator1: TJvRequiredFieldValidator
      Valid = True
      ControlToValidate = edRequired
      PropertyToValidate = 'Text'
      Enabled = True
      ErrorMessage = 'Value in edRequired cannot be empty'
    object JvCustomValidator1: TJvCustomValidator
      Valid = True
      ControlToValidate = edRequired10Chars
      PropertyToValidate = 'Text'
      Enabled = True
      ErrorMessage = 'Value in "edRequired10Chars" requires at least 10
      OnValidate = JvCustomValidator1Validate
    object JvRegularExpressionValidator1: TJvRegularExpressionValidator
      Valid = True
      ControlToValidate = edRegExpr
      PropertyToValidate = 'Text'
      Enabled = True
      ErrorMessage = 'Value in "edRegExpr" does not match "A.B.C."'
      ValidationExpression = '^A.B.C.*'
    object JvRangeValidator1: TJvRangeValidator
      Valid = True
      ControlToValidate = udRange0to100
      PropertyToValidate = 'Position'
      Enabled = True
      ErrorMessage = 'Value in "udRange0to100" must be between 0 and 100'
      MinimumValue = 0
      MaximumValue = 100

... snip

Regards Karlheinz

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2004-03-04 09:38


Someone has been over-zeaolus removing initalization sections.

Add this to the initialization section (at the bottom of JvValidators.pas):


Rebuild the JvValidator run-time package and it should work


2004-03-18 00:10


Fixed in CVS

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