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0001471JEDI VCL03 Donationspublic2004-03-24 01:24
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Summary0001471: YulFindDBEdit - filter a database
Description-filter a database by any field
-case sensitivity
-look like JvDotNetEdit com
+others features
-more features will be implemented if accepted
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2004-03-13 03:22 (436,305 bytes)


2004-03-13 15:47


Thank you. Will evaluate. If you don't hear anything in a week or so, post a note to this report.


2004-03-14 00:12

reporter   ~0003339

i'm waiting


2004-03-17 23:18

reporter   ~0003370

did you evaluate this?


2004-03-18 00:07


I have a lot to do at the moment so it will be a while, but don't worry: I'll get round to it.


2004-03-22 22:02


Just to let you know: I am looking at it and it basically looks fine. Just have to get the time to test it fully. There are some issues but I don't know if it's me, the specific database or the control. For example, using a ClientDataset and filtering on "Kar", I see records starting with "Karate" as well as "Kayak" (this is Delphi's demo database) but with other values it filters correctly. Weird. And it seems it doesn't work with date fields or is the search/filtering capabiltities determined by the indices of the table?

2004-03-23 08:07 (10,683 bytes)


2004-03-23 08:09

reporter   ~0003447

thanks for evaluate

1. for me it works fine with ClientDataset. It's verry wierd that for "Kar" you see "Karate" and "Kayak". For me It shows only "Karate Finals"

2. I updated the component to work with TDateField, but the filter start only when the date in the edit is a valide one. Check the

I think it will be better if i modify the ascensor type form TCustomEdit to TMaskEdit. (to change the mask if the field to filter is a TDateField or TtimeField or others). What do you think


2004-03-23 09:07


There's one more thing that I have done: I've extracted the DotNet stuff into it's own control and put it into JvDotNetDBControls. We have to do it this way since otherwise, we would have to put JvDBFindEdit in the DotNet package and then only those using the DotNet package could use it. As it is now, there is a JvDBFindEdit in JvDB and a JvDotNetDBFindEdit in JvDotNet.

TMaskEdit is the most common ancestor for DB Edits for some reason so I guess users would feel right at home if DBFindEdit was too.


2004-03-23 10:00


I've added the unit to CVS and the JvDB package but I have not included your latest updates yet. Could you get the unit from CVS and do the updates yourself? The unit is named run\JvDBFindEdit.pas.

I've also created a palette icon but I would appreciate it if you could document it as well.


2004-03-23 10:09

reporter   ~0003456

i'll update the changes i'll post it here
at this time my internet conection is very poor and it could take a while to take the latest cvs
i'll change also the asconsor type to TMaskEdit
I'll document it and i'll make another example
this could take some time (max a day)


2004-03-24 01:24


Added to JVCL and CVS

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