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0001492JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-03-20 01:33
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Summary0001492: TJvTrayIcon to distinguish single-click and a double-click
DescriptionDouble-clicking the right mouse button actually generates four messages: WM_RBUTTONDOWN, WM_RBUTTONUP, WM_RBUTTONDBLCLK, and WM_RBUTTONUP again.


Create a timer which is started on the first click, set the timeout value to something a bit longer than the double-click, then connect the timeout() signal
to a slot of your own. When a double click event is received you simply stop the timer. If the custom slot is visited you know that a single click was done.
Additional InformationThis is my implementation comments with { Vlad S}
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2004-03-18 14:23


This is the same behavior as single/dblclick with the left button, isn't it? I don't really like changing the default Windows behavior, especially not using a timer...



2004-03-18 15:03

developer   ~0003385

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You could consider a tray icon as a non default windows item. That is, I know tray icons that respond both to, and differently to, single and double clicks.

Another issue is that you get the following events while double-clicking a tray icon:

OnClick, OnDblClick, OnClick.

Normally you would get:

OnClick, OnDblClick.

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2004-03-18 15:24


>Another issue is that you get the
>following events while double-clicking a tray icon:
So are you really saying that we should have a timer for left click/dblclick as well?


2004-03-18 15:50

developer   ~0003388

>So are you really saying that we should have a timer for left click/dblclick as well?

It is ugly, but *if* you want to make a distinction between single and double clicks, then there is no other way (that I know). Maybe make it an option <g>.

But the second thing is a bug: If you double-click the trayicon, two click events are fired (and one double click event).


2004-03-19 00:54


Fortunately, Vlad's fix works for all buttons. I'll add it, then


2004-03-19 06:44

reporter   ~0003391

There are an option to improve my fix.
Timer should start at first mouse click (Mouse Down) because this is when System timer for dbl click starts.


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2004-03-20 01:33


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