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0001498JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-14 18:08
ReportervladsAssigned Toobones 
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Summary0001498: TJvTrayIcon BalloonHint on Windows 2000
DescriptionHave a problem with BalloonHints on W2K.
When CancelPrevious = false in call to BalloonHints.
Previous Balloon is never removed and is visible.
On XP it works fine.
Additional InformationAlso there are side effect On W98 BalloonHints adds my window main hidden to fisible list so it is visible on task bar will continue investigation.
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2004-03-19 07:04

reporter   ~0003392

Also on w2k previous Hint is not removed untill timout.
Even when I call
TrayIcon.BalloonHint('Hint1', ... true);
TrayIcon.BalloonHint('Hint2', ... true);
Previouse ('Hint1') continue to show for some time and than changes to new one.

This is actualy my project I'm testing now.

I will try to create a patch for this problems.


2004-03-19 09:34

reporter   ~0003394

Ignore my Win98 remarks...


2004-03-21 12:21

reporter   ~0003421

On Win200 you need to call BalloonHint('', ''); the same number of times you called show BalloonHint('Mesage', '...');

This will hide the Balloon.


2004-03-22 16:04

administrator   ~0003425

Thanks for the report, I will investigate how to fix that.
Please note however, that as said in the sources, the "hiding" of a balloon is undocumented behaviour.

2004-03-22 21:44


JvTrayIcon.pas (29,225 bytes)


2004-03-22 21:45

administrator   ~0003433

Please use the attached file and let me know if this fixes the issue. This has not been submitted to CVS


2004-04-14 04:06

administrator   ~0003833

Ok, this is now in CVS, can you tell me if it works?
If I don't get any news from the original poster in the next two weeks, I'll close the bug.


2004-04-14 07:38

reporter   ~0003849

Last edited: 2004-04-14 08:19

I took a version Revision 1.27 from CVS.
And tested on W2K It is solving my problem!

To test this I have made a form add two button to hide and show icon.
When do show hide using button it is working.
So I made a new button and this one hide one balloon and make another one in one function no delay! This does work as well for old and new code ....
So this is not the code to test this particualar problem.

If you want me to test something you are welcome to e-mail me

edited on: 04-14-04 08:19

2004-04-14 07:38 (245,964 bytes)


2004-04-14 07:39

reporter   ~0003850

See Attached Files I used to test on XP and w2k
All works fine!


2004-04-14 08:03

reporter   ~0003852

Last edited: 2004-04-14 08:06

Sorry for previous messages.
 Actualy I tested the last version and it realy solves the problem with w2k!!!
 Changes to text in ballons are more stable on w2k now!.

edited on: 04-14-04 08:06


2004-04-14 18:08

administrator   ~0003866

Glad to hear that works.
This bug is now closed, please feel free to post other ones if you have further problems.

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