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0001504JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-03-20 01:33
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Summary0001504: A problem with using TJvDBSpinEdit

I've got a small problem with DataSet scrolling via
TJvDBGrid: DataSet is in dsEdit state (Indicator column
also indicates so) in case there is a TJvDBSpinEdit
control on the form, although no manipulating/editing
operation was performed on it, only displayed data was changed in spin edit. After the analysis, there
is a little bug appeared in JvDBSpinEdit unit.
I lightly looked on JvDBSpinEdit source code and made
some small modification which seems to remedy the
problem above.
The modification is made in TJvDBSpinEdit.DoChange
method (the first line is commented out and it's
consequently replaced by subsequent four lines). Then,
the DoChange method should look like this:

procedure TJvDBSpinEdit.DoChange(Sender: TObject);
// if FFieldDataLink.Edit then
if (FFieldDataLink <> nil) and
(FFieldDataLink.Field <> nil) and
(FFieldDataLink.Field.AsString <> Self.Text) and
FFieldDataLink.Edit then
FFieldDataLink.Modified; { Data has changed. }
if Assigned(FOnChange) then

(The attached file contains it at all)

Maybe there are better ways to workarround this problem,
indeed I don't inspect them at large.

Thank you for you labour.

Best regards,

Martin Kvoch
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2004-03-20 00:49


JvDBSpinEdit.pas (7,548 bytes)


2004-03-20 01:33


Thanks. Fixed in CVS

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