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0001505JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-03-31 06:08
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Summary0001505: TJvHTComboBox - Strange behavior with 9 items
DescriptionWhen i put a TJvHTComboBox on my form, using the default settings and add 9 items, it displays a ScrollBar when the combobox opens at the first time.

When I click on the ScrollBar, the ScrollBar disappears since all items fit in the window without scrollbar. It displays correctly also when i open the combobox twice.

This seems to occur only with 9 items.
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2004-03-30 13:29


I can't reproduce. What is the content of the items? Is it a horizontal or vertical scrollbar?


2004-03-30 13:55

developer   ~0003527

I could reproduce it with items '1', '2', .. , '9'

Fix was to override MeasureItem and remove the SendMessage call in DrawItem; but I didn't have time to investigate side effects of that change, so didn't commit.


2004-03-30 14:28

reporter   ~0003529

yes, content was 1,2,3 up to 9


2004-03-30 23:14


Let's just commit it since no one will speak up about any side-effects unless it stops working


2004-03-31 06:08


Committed. Let's see if anyone else posts here about changed behavior...

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