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0001512JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-03-30 13:16
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Summary0001512: JvStringGrid.LoadFromCSV geht nicht richtig
folgende Textdatei sei ins StrinGrid einzulesen:
"John","Landmesser","Landmesser, John"

(JVCL 3 Beta1)

Das Trennzeichen ist im Zellwert enthalten und wird nicht korrekt interpretiert !!

LÖsungsvorschlag laut "LoadFromFile" in der Anlage.

Gruß, John
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2004-03-22 03:03


StringGridUtils.pas (9,688 bytes)


2004-03-23 03:22


Is the attached code your own or do you have permission to donate it to us?


2004-03-24 02:16

reporter   ~0003461

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Hi Peter3,

The attached code ist a combination of
a) TSortGrid (part of TZipMaster) See attachement to my first posting.
b) My own

Here's part of the Readme.txt of TZipMaster 1.72

                      Distribution Policy
              Guidelines for Legal Re-distribution

  1) This applies to both end-users and developers. The meat of
     this package is the .DLL files, and they are needed by all
     of your end-users if you use this ZIP package in your
  2) You must not charge money for any part of the ZIP package.
     Warning: The primary concern here is if you will market a
     new package that is only slightly more than a verbatim copy
     of this package, or one of it's demos. ANY release you sell
     is OK as long as you charge ONLY for the changes you make.

  3) You MUST either distribute the source code for this ZIP
     package, or give a WWW site where it can be obtained
     freely. This can be on a Help...About screen, in printed
     documentation, or in text files distributed with your
     package. Yes, it does seem odd to have this requirement
     for end-users who aren't programmers, but there is no
     mistake. After all, it isn't hard to give them a URL
     and a few words explaining what it is for.

  4) You must document the Info-Zip's WWW home page URL, but
     don't expect any help from the Info-Zip group, since my
     release is only a derrivitive of their work. They are
     very busy doing support for their "official" releases.
     Since much of the DLL source code comes from them, they
     deserve to be mentioned.

  5) You must handle product support with your own end-users.
     This is needed because I don't have enough time to do
     support for end-users.

  6) I will handle support issues with programmers using this
     package on a time-available basis. Since this is being
     distributed as freeware, you can't expect the kind of
     support you'd get from a commercial vendor. Please limit
     your questions to those that directly pertain to this
     ZIP package.

  7) You may NOT distribute executable versions of my demo
     programs to end-users without my approval. These are
     only example applications to teach you how to use
     this package.

My cooment:
I think it's ok to use my attached code !?

Regards John

bearbeitet am: 03-24-04 02:35

2004-03-24 02:32 (21,716 bytes)


2004-03-30 13:16


I've used the code from StringGridUtils to reimplement LoadFromCSV, SaveToCSV, MoveRow, MoveColumn and SortGridByCol assuming that it is your code to donate.

Thanks for the donation.

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