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0001514JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-14 04:03
ReporterglchapmanAssigned Toobones 
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Summary0001514: TJvImageSpeedButton not design registered
DescriptionTJvImageSpeedButton (from JvSpeedButton.pas) is not registered for design-time along with the other buttons (in JvStdCtrlsReg.pas). I'm guessing this was an oversight, since both TJvBitBtn and TJvImgBtn are registered.
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2004-03-22 16:17

administrator   ~0003428

We will discuss this, but I agree with you, it should be registered.


2004-03-23 03:19


I don't think this one was meant to be registered. It is more of a helper button but I don't think it is used anymore (see Remkos reply in the newsgroups). Do we really need more buttons?


2004-03-23 04:46

reporter   ~0003443

FWIW, it turns out that this control ended up not being what I needed, so right now I'm neutral about whether it should be registered or not.


2004-03-23 05:33


So what do you need? We probably have it<g>


2004-04-14 04:03

administrator   ~0003831

This is now resolved as their is nothing more to do about it.

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