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0001533JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-03-30 12:00
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Summary0001533: TJvXPBarItem.Hint don´t work with JvAppEvents.onHint
DescriptionOnhint on TjvXPBar it shows the "hintwindow" and event JvAppEvents.onHint occurs. This works correct.

But TJvXPBarItem.Hint only shows the "hintwindow" and event JvAppEvents.onHint doesn´t occur.

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2004-03-26 10:47


It probably has something to do with the return value of the overriden ShowHint procedure. Can you debug it to verify that it is actually TJvXPbarItem that is at error instead of JvAppEvents. For eaxmple, try using a standard Delphi TApplicationEvents and see if it exhibits the same behavior.


2004-03-27 07:36

reporter   ~0003486

Ok, I tried it.
It´s a bug in TJvXPbar.
I´ve tested with TApplicationEvents and with JVAppEvents, same result.

Ahh.. I found the answer....
The ShowHint event occurs only when the mousepointer is the defined time over the control. This is i think so, normal :)

Procedure ShowHint is therfore the wrong place to implement this hint changing code.
It must be placed in a onHint procedure.




2004-03-27 12:04


There's no OnHint event for XPBar and I'm certainly not going to hook into the Application's OnHint event to resolve this issue. Any other suggestions?


2004-03-28 23:27

reporter   ~0003492

I have no concretely idea.
The only way (without big changes) is , I think so, to set the hints directly in the already used HookMouseMove procedure. In this case we can throw-away the overridden ShowHint.

Something like this:
  if FHoverIndex > -1 then
    with VisibleItems[FHoverIndex] do
       if Action is TCustomAction then
         self.Hint := TCustomAction(Action).Hint
         self.Hint := VisibleItems[FHoverIndex].Hint;

But where is then the location to define FSavedBarHint?




2004-03-30 03:29


>But where is then the location to define FSavedBarHint?
That is a problem. How to know when to save it?

2004-03-30 05:44 (10,891 bytes)


2004-03-30 05:45


Try the attached zip. Especially try changing the XPBar.Hint at design and runtime to check that it works.


2004-03-30 06:01

reporter   ~0003517

Ahhh.. really tricky ;)
It works perfect. Tested in runtime und designtime, but only with fix as follow:

Still listed as bug 0001539 . It must be "if (NOT CheckDefaults".

procedure TJvXPBarItem.ActionChange(Sender: TObject; CheckDefaults: Boolean);
  if Action is TCustomAction then
    with TCustomAction(Sender) do
      if (not CheckDefaults or Update) then // mw added to update action


2004-03-30 12:00


Done. See also 0001539

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