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0001539JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-01 08:39
ReporterDierkAssigned Touser72 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001539: TJvXPBarItem new bug
DescriptionAdded changes in "ActionChange" makes no sense.
Belongs to changes in issue 0001535
"if (CheckDefaults or .... )" and
"if not CheckDefaults or .... "

Should be:
procedure TJvXPBarItem.ActionChange(Sender: TObject;
  CheckDefaults: Boolean);
  if Action is TCustomAction then

    with TCustomAction(Sender) do
      if (not CheckDefaults or Update()) then // mw added to update action
        if Self.Caption = '' then
          Self.Caption := Caption;
        if Self.Enabled then
          Self.Enabled := Enabled;
        if Self.Hint = '' then
          Self.Hint := Hint;
        if Self.ImageIndex = -1 then
          Self.ImageIndex := ImageIndex;
        if Self.Visible then
          Self.Visible := Visible;
        if not Assigned(Self.OnClick) then
          Self.OnClick := OnExecute;


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2004-03-29 13:06

developer   ~0003501

Why should the "not CheckDefaults" checks be removed?


2004-03-29 22:33

reporter   ~0003503

Ok, maybe like this:
Without "not", nothing would taken from actions in runtime!

 if Action is TCustomAction then
    with TCustomAction(Sender) do
      if((not CheckDefaults) or Update()) then // mw added to update action <<-- It must be "not checkDefaults"
        if not CheckDefaults or (Self.Caption = '') then
          Self.Caption := Caption;
        if not CheckDefaults or Self.Enabled then
          Self.Enabled := Enabled;
        if not CheckDefaults or (Self.Hint = '') then
          Self.Hint := Hint;
        if not CheckDefaults or (Self.ImageIndex = -1) then
          Self.ImageIndex := ImageIndex;
        if not CheckDefaults or Self.Visible then
          Self.Visible := Visible;
        if not CheckDefaults or not Assigned(Self.OnClick) then
          Self.OnClick := OnExecute;


2004-03-30 11:51


See also 0001533


2004-04-01 00:41


The (not CheckDefaults) check doesn't work: the items aren't updated from their actions at run-time in this case.


2004-04-01 00:49

reporter   ~0003549

In my program this works fine.
At runtime
-Creating a new item
-Creating a new action
-assigning the new action to item.action

BTW: What should this be with "not checkDefaults"?


2004-04-01 02:33


The problem is if you assign actions at design-time, they show up as "(not assigned)" at run-time. I don't fully understand the purpose of the CheckDefaults parameter but using "if not CheckDefaults or Update then" doesn't work in this scenario and assigning at design-time is far more common that doing it at run-time. So until we have a solution that works with both, the current implementation will be kept.

If you can come up with a solution that works both in design and run-time, please post it here.


2004-04-01 03:42

reporter   ~0003562

Looking in controls.pas will maybe help.
Shouldn´t it be:

if Sender is TCustomAction then //<<-"Sender" instead of "Action"!
   with TCustomAction(Sender) do
     if(Update()) then // and in this line only check update??


2004-04-01 04:23


Duh! Why didn't I think of that?! I'll check...


2004-04-01 04:48


Seems to work both at design as well as run-time. Neither CheckDefaults nor Update is needed AFAICS


2004-04-01 06:41

reporter   ~0003569

Yop! It seems to be good, now. It was a really long track to fix this. :)


2004-04-01 08:39


> It was a really long track to fix this. :)
Mostly my fault: I should have checked available implementations before posting incomplete solutions :)
Fixed in CVS

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