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0001534JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-03-26 07:55
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Summary0001534: TJvCustomEdit.UpdateEdit needs check to see if Owner is assigned
DescriptionI am using one of the edit controls as an editor for TVirtualStringTree, when used like this the component doesnt have an editor - pressing a key causes Access Violations.
Additional InformationCan be fixed by changing the following method as shown..

procedure TJvCustomEdit.UpdateEdit;
  I: Integer;
  if Assigned(Self.Owner) then // added to stop AV when no owner..
    for I := 0 to Self.Owner.ComponentCount - 1 do
      if Self.Owner.Components[I] is TJvCustomEdit then
        if ({(Self.Owner.Components[I].Name <> Self.Name)}
         (Self.Owner.Components[I] <> Self) and // (ahuser) this is better
        ((Self.Owner.Components[I] as TJvCustomEdit).GroupIndex <> -1) and
        ((Self.Owner.Components[I] as TJvCustomEdit).fGroupIndex = Self.FGroupIndex)) then
        (Self.Owner.Components[I] as TJvCustomEdit).Caption := '';
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2004-03-26 07:55

developer   ~0003478


Fixed in CVS

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