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0001537JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-03 01:08
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Summary0001537: JvGradientHeaderPanel - Ignores input events, not a container
DescriptionNo input events for this component are triggered (ie. MouseDown, KeyPress, etc). And it is named Panel, yet is its not a container.
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2004-03-29 11:19


Probably should have csAcceptsControls in ControlStyle...


2004-03-30 22:52


I've added csAcceptsControls to ControlStyle but don't know why it doesn't react to mouse and key events


2004-03-31 06:58

developer   ~0003541

The complete control is filled by FGradient & FLabel, thus these controls catch all the events and TJvGradientHeaderPanel gets none.

Something like this has to be done:

in the create:
  FLabel.OnClick := HandleClick;
  FGradient.OnClick := HandleClick;

procedure TJvGradientHeaderPanel.HandleClick(Sender: TObject);
  if Assigned(OnClick) then

Or maybe you should call the Do.. procedures, DoClick, DoDblClick etc.

But don't know if this is enough, some stuff may be handled in the WM_.. events which TJvGradientHeaderPanel will not get.


2004-03-31 08:30


Well, maybe it should be rewritten to draw directly on the panel instead but, on the other hand, then we could just as well remove it and do that to the recently added TJvNavPanelHeader instead...


2004-04-03 01:08


Fixed in CVS (will probably not work with CLX)

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