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0001543JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-03-30 02:14
ReporterMarkus SpoettlAssigned Tomarcelb 
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Summary0001543: JvInspector: Implement a new function
DescriptionHow about adding a function to TJvCustomInspector named "SaveValues" which does what you have set me. I have added it to my local version but you might want to add that because it comes in handy from time to time. This function is very similar to TJvCustomInspector.RefreshValues with the exception that it saves what is in the editor (if there is any) instead of throwing the change away.
Additional Informationprocedure TJvCustomInspector.SaveValues;
  if (Selected <> nil) and Selected.Editing then
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2004-03-30 02:14

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