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0001561JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-02 10:29
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Summary0001561: JvDocking +VSNet Style. 0 width docked windows
DescriptionUsing current CVS (The bug has been in anonymous CVS for a few days I think).

Steps to take:

1) Dock a single form to any side of your choice.
2) Press the X button to close the docked form
3) Try to reopen the form (

It will reopen, but have 0 width and therefore be inaccessible. It's sometime possible to coax it to resize by docking an additional form to the same side, however on the right side this seems to be near impossible. (Once or twice the dock area has simply appeared outside the form, other times I simply cannot fine a dockzone for the right side of the form anywhere on screen.
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2004-04-02 09:28


Don't use Form1.Show, use ShowDockForm(Form1) instead


2004-04-02 09:38

reporter   ~0003583

Apologies... This works. Sorry for wasting your time


2004-04-02 10:29


No waste. You can't be expected to know everything

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