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0001579JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-14 04:41
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Summary0001579: JvXBar feature in JvNavPane
DescriptionIs it possible to have JvXBar features added to JvNavPane?
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2004-04-04 13:25


Such as?

2004-04-04 14:00 (198,809 bytes)


2004-04-04 14:01

viewer   ~0003636

See attached file. Thanks.


2004-04-04 14:10


I'm still not seeing the point: what specifically would you like us to add from JvXPBar to JvNavPane?


2004-04-04 14:29

viewer   ~0003639

Sorry for not being clear. More like having the ability to create JvXPBar as a property of JvNavPanelPage instead of having to use two separate components.

So you'll have something similar to:

JvNavPanelPage.Category := TJvNavPanelPageBar

Where Category will be a collection of TJvNavPanelPageBar and
TJvNavPanelPageBar will emulate look, feel and functionality of jvXPBar.



2004-04-04 22:57


That would be a mistake and don't see us doing that.


2004-04-05 01:01

viewer   ~0003642

Out of curiousity, why would that be a mistake? Thanks for your consideration.


2004-04-05 02:36


Several reasons:
1. The package containing JvNavPane would require the user to also install the package containing JvXPBar (greater dependency = bad)
2. Users not interested in JvXPBars in Nav Panes still has to drag the implementation into their exe's (bigger=bad)
3. They both perform distinct functions, just as a button and an edit. Of course, you could add a button to an edit (and we have components that do) but then there should be a point to it, i.e there should be functionality attached to the button/edit that wouldn't be there otherwise (no gain=bad).
4. Adding JvXPBar support to JvNavPane doesn't accomplish anything expect (maybe!) saving the developer a few mouse clicks (laziness=bad<g>).

In short, there is no point to it and it would limit the usefulness of the control.


2004-04-05 17:55

viewer   ~0003654

Okay, I know I am asking for features I cann't implement, but:

1. I am not asking that you incorporate JvXPBar, I am asking you create a bar with similar features to JvXPBar - (zero dependency)

2. See 1.

3. I am thinking out of the box here - more like a Swiss army knife :-) Put a JvNavigationPane on a form, add a new page, add a JvXPBar. Visualize it and imaging there is a method to hide from the splitter down on jvNavigationPane, what do you have? With one component, I can have XP or Outlook 2003 just by changing a property. (gain, gain, gain)

4. Okay I'll admit to my laziness, but I think in this case you'll agree it is more work if I am creating this in code with 2 components versus one component. More room for error.

I really admire your leadership and the good work you and the rest of the team put into JVCL. Thank you very much and bye for now.


2004-04-06 01:46


What you are basically saying is that you would like to have a means of putting the active button on top of the control instead of leaving it at the bottom, just as is done in a JvOutlookBar and at the same time modify the drawing?

Well, that's a whole other matter and I can provide a simpler answer:

Sorry, to much work, but if you're keen on it yourself, no one is stopping you :)


2004-04-14 04:41


This feature will not be added

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