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0001589JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-14 04:44
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Summary0001589: JvThumbView crash when load large folders of images
DescriptionThe component JvThumbView (JVCL 2.10) crash loading large folders of images. Exactly when the folders contains 20 MB or more of images. The number of images does not import, only import the size total (20 MB or more) of the folder that containts the images.

The project raised exception class EOutOfResources, and the thumbnails show empty.
And the file with the problem: JvThumbNails.pas in the function LoadFile.

The problem is in which it loads all the images in memory? It is possible to be done of another form? that them loading according to is been?

Thanks very much.
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2004-04-06 08:21


If you upgrade to JVCL3 you can use TJvImagesViewer instead. It is more resource friendly (it can be set to a "load as required" mode), loads images faster and looks better (IMO :).


2004-04-06 12:16

viewer   ~0003672

I don´t find the TJvImagesViewer in the JVCL 3.0!!
I unistalled the latest version and installed the version 3, but the TJvImagesViewer does not appear in the Delphi Tabs.


I had problems installing the package with the dcc32.exe compiler.

can't anybody post the package with the installer compiled, just prepared to install the components? It's very difficult install the components... :-(


2004-04-06 23:48


The Viewers are in the JvCustom package.


2004-04-14 04:44


There are alternatives to JvThumbView that use less resources

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