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0001594JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-14 04:43
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Summary0001594: TJvImagesViewer onClick event doesn't operate propertly
DescriptionWhen you click on the component TJVImagesViewer, the event onClick of thsi component was activated, but the SelectedItem is the last selected item, not is the cliked item. You need cliked two times for SelectedItem like item clicked.

How can I obtain the item clicked on first time?

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2004-04-06 23:54


IIRC, this is caused by Delphi calling Click after MouseDown but before MouseUp but Selected isn't set until MouseUp (to handle situations like MouseDown on one item and MouseUp on another).

>How can I obtain the item clicked on first time?
Use the OnMouseUp event. It should be set there


2004-04-07 09:56

reporter   ~0003683

Ok. Thanks!!

I use the OnMouseUp event.


2004-04-14 04:43


As designed

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