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0001598JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-06-25 05:02
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Summary0001598: JvDocking: Access Violation when terminating
DescriptionIf you have windows docked on top of each other (showing tabs) there is an exception if you close your program and the docking components are freed, in JvDockVIDStyle.pas, line 2578.
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2004-04-07 11:22

viewer   ~0003686

I found the bug in my code - it was because I freed all forms manually at termination. Not sure if you can still call it a bug in JvDocking however...


2004-04-07 12:32


It depends. If you free the forms before JvDocking is through with them, then it's not a bug ( for example, if you use a JvAppStorage and free the forms before it has saved the forms to storage), it's your code that is the problem.

If you free them and can verify that jvDocking doesn't need to access them after that, then it is a bug.


2004-04-07 23:25

viewer   ~0003707

Well, it acutally happens while freeing. The exeception message says "Cannot focus an invisible or disabled window.", in JvDockSupportControl, line 2103, SelectNextPage().

So I think the problem is the following: You have a TabDockHost with two tabs. Now you free the form with the tab in the background - the corresponding tab still exists however. Then you free the first one, somehow SelectNextPage(), which wants to focus the - non existing - form.


2004-04-08 04:41


Could you post some code that shows this behavior? It must have something to do with when and how the forms are freed.


2004-04-08 06:32

viewer   ~0003717

I do it in the project code, after Application.Run and uh, after Application.MainForm.Hide, which is there because shutdown takes some time. well, I guess it's because of that.


2004-06-25 05:02


No reply, so assuming it works

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