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0001660JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-18 01:59
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Summary0001660: TJvDirectoryEdit Glyph property doesn't work

I dropped a TJvDirectoryEdit on an empty form. Then I clicked the Glyph property to change the DirectoryEdit's Icon, choosed and bitmap and confirmed the opendialog with OK.

The Glyph property then still showed 'empty' in ObjectInspector and no image is displayed, even the default image is gone.

File: JvToolEdit.pas
Last Modified: 2004-02-09

Additional InformationI found in JvToolEdit.pas in the class TJvCustomComboEdit:

    { (rb) Only used for backwards compatibility; eventually remove: }
    FGlyph: TBitmap;

If you don't want to support the glyph thingy anymore, perhaps make an Assertion in SetGlyph that says it doesn't work. This would save lots of headache :)
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2004-04-18 01:59


This has been fixed in CVS. Please get it from there.

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