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0001684JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-22 23:48
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Summary0001684: TJvValidateEdit OnValueChanged does not notify
DescriptionTJvValidateEdit does not notify changed value

TJvCustomValidateEdit.OnValueChanged does not notify the new value of the component
In TJvCustomValidateEdit (JvValidateEdit unit)
Remove all EnterText assignment from code
Remove all DoValueChanged call from code
Change DoValueChanged procedure to
procedure TJvCustomValidateEdit.DoValueChanged;
  if Assigned(FOnValueChanged) and (EnterText <> FEditText) then
  EnterText := FEditText;

Add “DoValueChanged” At the end of “SetEditText“ before or after DisplayText;
Remove ChangeText(FEditText) from “SetEditText”, DisplayText call this procedure.

Other suggestions:

In "KeyDown" procedure, the instruction (if Key = VK_DELETE then EditText:= MakeValid(inherited Text);) produce an unexpected behavior at run time.
I suggest you removing it and adding the management of the Escape key to restore last validate value:

procedure TJvCustomValidateEdit.KeyDown(var Key: Word; Shift: TShiftState);
// if Key = VK_DELETE then EditText := MakeValid(inherited Text);
  if Key = VK_Escape then
    Key := 0;
    EditText := EnterText;
    SelStart := 0;
    SelLength := length(FEditText);
  inherited KeyDown(Key, Shift);


Additional InformationI project to define my own inherited TjvValidateEdit component. For that I need "IsValidChar" and "MakeValid" to be declared virtual and to be moved towards the protected section. Is it possible?
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2004-04-22 17:19


JvValidateEditUpd.pas (34,022 bytes)


2004-04-22 23:48


Updated in CVS verbatim. Thanks for the fixes!

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