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0001687JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-04-25 23:27
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Summary0001687: Windows 2000: Keyboard navigation indicators handled wrongly
DescriptionThe keyboard navigation indicators (i.e. the focus rectangle of e.g. ButtonControls) are handled wrongly when using JVCL components like TJvButton and Windows 2000. (They are always displayed instead of only displaying them after the Alt key is pressed.)

This is also a VCL bug, but using the TUIStateForm instead of TForm from*checkout*/issrc/Projects/UIStateForm.pas?rev=1.1 resolves the problem with the usual TButton. Is it possible to provide such a fix for JEDI VCL too?
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2004-04-24 04:31

viewer   ~0004051

It does occur on Windows XP too if you don't use a manifest file.


2004-04-24 05:03

developer   ~0004052

I do not see this as a bug. I see it as a not supported feature.


2004-04-24 05:06


>I see it as a not supported feature.
Agree, but still might be worth investigating...


2004-04-24 23:45


Andreas, maybe the implementation could be added to TJvExForm? It's only two message handlers, after all (CM_SHOWINGCHANGED and CM_DIALOGKEY). Since you are the head of the JvEx units, I would prefer you doing it.


2004-04-25 07:45

developer   ~0004065

I have added this to TJvExCustomForm and TJvExForm. (not tested)


2004-04-25 09:02

viewer   ~0004067

Yes, the usual VCL components' focus under Win2k behave like under Win98. But the UIStateForm does not fix the JVCL's ones (as well as the BitBtn)... maybe something owner-drawn is the problem.


2004-04-25 23:27


>maybe something owner-drawn is the problem.
Probably, and there is nothing we can do about that (except fix the owner-draw stuff in our derived components when and if they are found).

Please post new bug issues about missing keyboard handling when you find them.

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