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0001714JEDI VCL04 Feature Requestpublic2008-02-21 03:23
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Summary0001714: JvInspector: allow visual feedback of changed items
DescriptionIf an item value has changed, said value should be displayed in Bold.
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parent of 0001715 resolvedobones JvInspector: allow to specify different fonts in the painters 


Markus Spoettl

2004-05-02 06:45

reporter   ~0004144

I would like to be able to change the item's drawing properties. For instance, if I have a list of shortcuts displayed by an inspector, I would like to colorize duplicated entries so that the users sees something is wrong. Would that be covered by your idea?


2004-05-02 07:13

manager   ~0004148

Hmm, not directly I think. Give me some time to think this through; maybe somethink like custom states (using a collection) could be added to the painter, allowing you to set a state at the data instance. That would require an event to mark this duplicate short-cut of course, but the multiple states for the painter might be useful anyway. As I said, give me time to think this through and something will bound to pop up.

Markus Spoettl

2004-05-02 07:38

reporter   ~0004149

I believe the most flexible way of doing it would be to fire an event when Canvas properties of an item are required. Since the inspector doesn't really know if an item property has change in my app since it was saved the last time, a property in the inspectoritem would not help much.

Assume this: You have an application with many items to inspect, and only one inspector. You change what the inspector shows as you change items. However, the inspector does only know about the current instance it displays. When I reload an item that was previously changed, I'd like to be able to show it was changed.

Does this make any sense?


2004-05-02 08:00

manager   ~0004150

The state of an item would be in the data instance (since that is the entity whose state we are interested in; not the item in the inspector). At the moment a data instance is destroyed when the last item using it is removed, but that really isn't neccessary (and probably dumb since the item is bound to be created again later in most situations).

But i agree that using an event to retrieve the state of an item could be a good alternative.


2008-02-21 03:22

administrator   ~0014218

This issue is too old, many changes have been done in between. Should this still be applicable, please create a new issue after having tested using the latest JVCL

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