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0001742JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-05-14 12:27
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Summary0001742: TJvID3v2 & Write Time Tag

I tried to write the time in TJvID3v2 but it doesn´t work. I tried it in the
example and opened a mp3 file with a 2.4 Tag. Now I added in CtrlsToTag the
follwing line:

  JvID3v21.Texts.Time := '12:00:00';

But this text was been written. Did I something wrong or is it a Bug?

Best regards

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2004-05-09 07:10

developer   ~0004195

TJvID3v2 won't write Texts.Time to 2.4 tags because the TIME frame is deprecated for 2.4 tags. The TIME frame is replaced by the TDRC 'Recording time' frame.

So you can switch to 2.3 tags and use Texts.Time or use Texts.RecordingTime for 2.4 tags.



2004-05-09 07:15

developer   ~0004196

Also note that the TIME frame must be in the HHMM format (H = hour, M = minute) thus do something like

JvID3v21.Texts.Time := '1200';

for 2.3 tags.

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