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0001774JEDI VCL03 Donationspublic2005-09-24 03:44
ReportermarcgeldonAssigned ToAHUser 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.10 
Summary0001774: Explido MultipleStringHolder
DescriptionOn that component you can easily generate as much stringlists as you like and you can give them names. During runtime you can access that stringlists by name. So you have just one component on your form or datamodule handle your stringlists (for example all your SQLs).
Documention in German.
Additional Informationfor Delphi 5, 6, 7
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2004-05-14 04:30 (31,631 bytes)


2004-05-14 04:41


Thank you for the donation.

It has been added as is to CVS (to the jvcl\dev\donations folder). We will have a look at it in the next couple of weeks and determine whether we want to include it or not. If you haven't heard anything from us in three wekks, please post a reminder for us.

Thanks again!


2004-05-24 01:19


Would it be possible to have the docs translated to english? We cannot add german documentation to JVCL.


2004-05-24 03:06

reporter   ~0004338

yes. sure. no problem at all. give me some days (because currently I have a lot of work to do). You will receive it soon.


2004-09-04 04:25

developer   ~0005177

Added to JVCL 3 as TJvMultiStringHolder in JvStringHolder.pas


2005-09-23 05:22

reporter   ~0007968

If you add source code to the JEDI library, you should also name the contibutors in the source file. Would be really nice, if you could add me as contributor. I think this is the "thank you" we get as a developer if our code is used.

Hope to hear from you soon.


2005-09-24 03:44

developer   ~0007975

Sorry for that. It's now in the source file as "Portions created by ..."

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