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0001779JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-05-18 12:33
Reporterspeed_rabuAssigned ToAHUser 
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Summary0001779: Missing Icon in TJvFilenameEdit
DescriptionI can´t find the default icon in TJvFilenameEdit. Where is it or must I enable some property?
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2004-05-18 00:10


The button is still there but it is not drawn correctly. Definitely a bug. I'll investigate..


2004-05-18 07:44

reporter   ~0004296

TJvDateEdit also has lost it's default glyphs. It look white on white as
you can still click in the area and get the date picker.


2004-05-18 10:06


Seems the bug is either in TJvCustomComboEdit or TJvCustomMaskEdit. Since the other edit+button controls derive from these, they are affected as well


2004-05-18 12:33

developer   ~0004299

Fixed in CVS.

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