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0001799JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-05-28 01:16
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Summary0001799: The button for the JvComboEdit covers the text edit
DescriptionThe consequence of the button covering the edit is that the end of long strings are covered. ie If the text in the edit is longer than can be displayed on the screen then pressing 'end' takes you to the end of the string - except that the last couple of characters are covered by the button.

The control could be modified to place the button alongside the edit rather than on top of it, perhaps using a panel as a base.
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2004-05-26 14:23

developer   ~0004365

Last edited: 2004-05-26 14:23

Which JVCL version do you have?

If you have 3.0 (beta) then can you upload a picture showing the problem?

edited on: 05-26-04 14:23


2004-05-26 23:47


That is not the result I am getting. Pressing <END> takes me to the end of the string and the last character is clearly visible to the left of the button.


2004-05-27 08:40

reporter   ~0004376

Strange that neither of you are unable to replicate the problem. Seems the error may be at my end.

My testing was conducted using JCL and JVCL code from the 2004-05-24.

I will download last nights' source and try again in case this fixes the problem then get back to you.

As requested, I have uploaded a small bitmap showing my control not working. I selected the edit part of the control and pressed END - the image shows my result.

Incidently, over the last 2 weeks you two have fixed several other bugs that I would otherwise have reported last night - thanks heaps :) It was nice to try the latest code just before reporting these bugs and finding them already fixed!


2004-05-27 11:50

reporter   ~0004392

Ok, now I know the real issue - changing the width of the JvComboEdit causes the problem.

To demonstrate:
1. Add a JvComboEdit to a form.
2. Add a OnButtonClick method with the following code:
      TJvComboEdit(Sender).Text := 'some really long sentence';
      TJvComboEdit(Sender).Width := 100;
3. Run the code, click the button
4. Try and view the end of the sentence.

I can replicate this behaviour with last nights' backup of the JCL and JVCL code.


2004-05-27 12:01


Now we're cookin'! I can replicate it here as well.

Don't know if this is the best fix, but the following seems to solve it (in JvToolEdit.pas):
  TJvCustomComboEdit = class
    procedure SetBounds(ALeft, ATop, AWidth,
      AHeight: Integer);override;


procedure TJvCustomComboEdit.SetBounds(ALeft, ATop, AWidth,
  AHeight: Integer);
  inherited SetBounds(ALeft, ATop, AWidth, AHeight);
  if HandleAllocated then


2004-05-27 12:15

reporter   ~0004395

Ya, that got it alright. Nice work :)


2004-05-28 01:16


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