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0001802JEDI VCL04 Feature Requestpublic2004-05-27 10:26
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Summary0001802: JVCL design editors
DescriptionHi coders!

Please add some button to JVCL hint editor which will type character '|' at cursor position in hint editor. I'm typing hints in non-EN language
and I have to switch keyboard to EN every time when I want to type this character (when using long hints...)

I think it is not too hard to implement

Thank you.
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2004-05-27 10:26


We all have keyboards with characters that we cannot type directly. Adding support for all potentionally missing letters would soon mean that every possible character would have a speed key. Remember, the hint editor is also used for other things.

I have two suggestions for you:
1. Get acquainted with charmap.exe in Windows. It allows you to copy letters that are not available on your keyboard (put it on Delphis tool menu)

2. Learn the numeric key code for the letters you can't type. For example, the straight bar is Alt+ 0124.

I regularily use the following myself:

And to communicate with my friends in Denmark:


And, yes, I don't have to look these up but I sometimes mix them up<g>

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