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0001811JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-07-05 13:55
ReporterxerkanAssigned Toremkobonte 
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Summary0001811: Duplicate buttons in TJvDBDatePickerEdit
DescriptionI have updated the components to dialy zip 28-5-04 whereas in the TJvDBDatePickerEdit component it leaves next to the arrow combobox like other than this superposed this
Additional InformationHe actualizado los componentes al dialy zip del 28-5-04 y e visto que en el componente TJvDBDatePickerEdit sale al lado de la flecha del despleglabe como otra que esta superpuesta a esta
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has duplicate 0001870 resolvedremkobonte TJvCheckedMaskEdit is like TJvComboEdit 


2004-05-28 03:41


JvDBDateTimePicker.jpg (1,672 bytes)
JvDBDateTimePicker.jpg (1,672 bytes)


2004-05-28 10:31


Do you have the same problem with standard TDateTimePicker or TJvDateTimePicker?


2004-05-29 04:03

viewer   ~0004409

It seems that the alone effect happens in the JvDBDatePickerEdit, it is possible to see so much in time of design (diseno.gif) as of execution (ejecucion.gif)

2004-05-29 04:03


Diseno.gif (8,601 bytes)
Diseno.gif (8,601 bytes)

2004-05-29 04:03


Ejecucion.gif (7,555 bytes)
Ejecucion.gif (7,555 bytes)


2004-05-29 07:18


So the subject should be changed since it isn't JvDBDateTimePicker but JvDBDatePickerEdit that is the probem. I'll do that


2004-06-01 04:00

reporter   ~0004423

discovered that the button that left underneath the JvDBDatePickerEdit comes inherited from the TJvCustomComboEdit component that is in unit JvToolEdit which in its constructor it defines a button who soon superposes itself with the drop-down one of the calendar of the JvDBDatePickerEdit, so that it is worth this button but also one is in the JvCheckedMaskEdit and JvCheckedMaskEdit, which they do not have no rare option so that it does not appear and are left something with the button


2004-06-01 04:24

reporter   ~0004424

And sight that in the JvDBDatePickerEdit component can be hidden the button of the TJvCustomComboEdit, also putting the order "FBtnControl.Visible: = False;" in the constructor of the TJvCustomDatePickerEdit


2004-06-02 00:56

developer   ~0004431

OK, so the problem is that the ancestry of TJvCustomMaskEdit was changed without adapting (all of) the descendants. I was anticipating the merge with the JvToolEdit controls was due to happen some day but this is not quite the way I imagined it. Can't say when I will have time to resolve this, though... as it is now, all of my donated components (JvCheckedMaskEdit, JvDatePickerEdit and JvDBDatePickerEdit) have obviously been severely broken by this change... :(

Maybe the person doing the CLX stuff and/or someone more intimate with the JvToolEdit controls could step in here?


2004-06-13 07:45

developer   ~0004546

Some merging work has been done, some todos:

* Property to hide button, just as can be done with the checkbox.
* TJvCustomDatePickerEdit.Dropped -> TJvCustomComboEdit.PopupVisible
* TJvCustomDatePickerEdit.CloseUp -> TJvCustomComboEdit.PopupCloseUp
* TJvCustomDatePickerEdit.DropDown -> TJvCustomComboEdit.PopupDropDown


2004-06-16 02:28


FechaComp.jpg (1,678 bytes)
FechaComp.jpg (1,678 bytes)

2004-06-16 02:28


FechaNoComp.jpg (1,576 bytes)
FechaNoComp.jpg (1,576 bytes)


2004-06-16 02:28

reporter   ~0004561

It does not appear the superposed button, but I believe that now the right margin that there is to leave so that is correctly the date is excessively great (to see FechaComp.jpg), since if the size of the component is reduced a little this it truncates the date (to see FechaNoComp.jpg)


2004-06-16 03:31

developer   ~0004563

I see what you mean; That should be fixed with the latest source in CVS.


2004-06-30 00:58

developer   ~0004647

This could be resolved then, couldn't it? I could confirm the fixes.


2004-07-05 13:55

developer   ~0004692

Okay, probably some more work can be done to eliminate redundant code, but that is not urgent.

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