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0001814JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-08-19 13:30
ReporterhamiltonAssigned Toremkobonte 
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Summary0001814: JvDBDateTimePicker and JvDBDBSpinEdit edit when readonly
DescriptionIf you display a ReadOnly DataSet in either of these controls then the displayed text value can still be changed. The actual field value remains the same, just the display is updated.

From memory, I think other JvDB controls have the same problem.
Additional InformationThe cursor keys, number keys and scroll buttons all change the display value.

I traced this through JvDBDateTimePicker and observed that:

* FDataLink.Edit does recognize that the DataSet is ReadOnly and prevents the dataset being put in edit mode.

* The text value is unchanged at the end of the KeyDown event in JvDBDateTimePicker but is changed by the time CNNotify gets a message in JvDBDateTimePicker - but I was unable to identify exactly where the new text value is set (SetDate is apparently bypassed).
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duplicate of 0001874 resolvedremkobonte TJvDBMaskEdit stays ReadOnly 
related to 0005854 resolvedobones Enabled property is changed inproperly in TJvDBSpinEdit 



2004-08-08 04:00

reporter   ~0004968

This bug still exists in the latest source. I tested on Delphi 7.1
with JCL and JVCL downloaded on Saturday 2004-08-07.


2004-08-17 06:35

viewer   ~0005005

The same problem was reported in
It does not fixed up to JVCL3-2004-8-11.
           Thank you


2004-08-19 13:30

developer   ~0005024

Okay, this problem is understood and being worked on. The problem is the same as 0001874 - as anonymous said, so I'll close this one and report progress in 0001874.

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