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0001816JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-06-10 04:54
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Summary0001816: TJvWizard theming problems using D6 and TThemeManager
DescriptionWhen a TThemeManager provides theming capabilities to a TJvWizard component, certain standard controls (like a TCheckBox) becomes unreadable during runtime when run under WindowsXP. This applies to certain standard controls (like TRadioButton and TCheckbox) having a TJvWizardWelcomePage or TJvWizardInteriorPage as parent.
Additional InformationI only have resources to reproduce this problem under Delphi 6 on Windows XP Pro.
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2004-06-04 04:20

developer   ~0004464

Could you upload a demo program that shows this problem, because I can not reproduce it.

Note that there have been some changes in the source regarding theming lately, so if you use the CVS source you may want to update to the latest source. If this fixes your problem, please give some feedback.

2004-06-04 06:22 (2,260 bytes)

2004-06-04 06:25 (393,342 bytes)


2004-06-04 06:25

viewer   ~0004470

I have uploaded a demo project, as well as the compiled executable from my system.

Thank you for your time.


2004-06-04 12:05

developer   ~0004471

I don't see the problem when I compile it with delphi 7. But I see it when I run the executable.

I do not have D6 installed on my machine, thus I can't test the TThemeManager.

The problem looks a lot like the WM_PRINTCLIENT bug. This is corrected for all controls in the latest source of JVCL. Did you try that?


2004-06-10 04:54

developer   ~0004530

This is now fixed in CVS.
You must activate the JVCLThemesEnabled and USEJVCL conditions.

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