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0001819JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-06-04 12:19
ReporterjfudickarAssigned Toremkobonte 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.00 BETA 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001819: tjvRadioGroupParameter and XP Manifest
DescriptionThere is a drawing problem with the tvjRadioGroupParameter and XP Manifests. Have a look at the screenshot.

The RadioGroup Parameter and the Checkbox parameter are black.

No idea why, without manifest there is no problem.
Steps To Reproduceuse examples\JvParameterlist and add a xp-manifest file (now already activated in cvs)

Press "Test 3 Jvcl Engine"
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has duplicate 0001829 resolvedremkobonte D7: TjvRadioGroup is not painted with the current theme 


2004-05-31 13:50



2004-06-02 01:21

developer   ~0004432

What are the exact names of the components? I can see the problem with TJvRadioGroup but /not/ with TJvCheckBox. Have you set some properties of TJvCheckBox? If so, can you post the part of your dfm file concerning the TJvCheckBox. Did you place the TJvCheckBox on a panel or something? If so, better post the whole dfm file or instructions to reproduce the problem.


2004-06-02 04:38

developer   ~0004433

Look at the Context of TJvParameterList.
With TJvParameterList you can dynamicly create a dialog for each TJvParameter of the parameterlist. For some of the parameters panels and scrollboxes are used.
All controls inside the dialog are created with the TJvDynControlEngine.
There are different engines defined. The problem raises with the VCL and the JVCL engine.
Please have a look at the example.


2004-06-02 14:00

developer   ~0004438

Forgotten to say : I'm using D7


2004-06-03 01:57

developer   ~0004447

With my old implementation only using VCL Controls there is no problem.

The combination of TJvPanel (from the default TJvParameterList) and VCL Controls (from TJvDynControlEngineVCL) give the shown problems.


2004-06-03 16:08

developer   ~0004454

You get this problem if you set the Transparent property of TJvPanel to True.

Doesn't have a function when themed anyway.


2004-06-04 00:41

developer   ~0004459


for my special problem i fixed it setting transparent to false. So the parameterlist dialog with XP-Manifests works now without problems.

For my problem, the bug could be closed. Maybe andreas found a more general solution.

Greetings and thanks


2004-06-04 12:19

developer   ~0004472

Okay, and altered TJvPanel so Transparent functionality is not used when themed.

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