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0001847JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-10-04 11:50
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Summary0001847: DotNet Docking - DoAutohideControl, DoUnAutohideControl
DescriptionHi coders

In DotNetDocking is function DoAutoHideControl, sample code is here
but there is missing opposite function.

Please add function like DoUNAutohideControl to the DotNetDocking, or modify DoAutohideControl as something like
DoAutohideControl(Control : TControl; Visible : Boolean);

It is serious problem work with autohided forms, because several
function doesn't work when form is in Autohide mode. It is almost impossible to return from Autohide mode and stay normally docked programatically (without description of many DotNet docking functions).


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duplicate of 0001844 resolved Dot Net Docking 



2004-06-10 00:38


To resolve this issue as fast as possible, please provide an example implementation of a DoUnAutohideControl method. Without it, it might be a long time before anyone has time to handle this.


2004-06-10 01:12

reporter   ~0004522

I found it!

To unhide it I have to call


2004-06-10 01:34


Is this to say that the functionality is already there? Can we close this report?


2004-06-10 01:47

reporter   ~0004525

hi, some my tips and facts about this issue

Source code of the original function DoAutoHideControl, where is the problem
procedure TJvDockVSNETPanel.DoAutoHideControl(Control: TWinControl);
  if Align = alNone then

Example of use (This code can be used in MSDN2002 example)
(please dock contents form to the right, autohide = off)

when you call DoAutoHideControl like this

form is autohided programatically correctly, but only when you call this function at first time. Next time, it will only add new VSPane, and not to unhide this form.

As you can see in DoAutohideControl implementation there is condition.
  if Align = alNone then

This function should toggle between DoShowControl and DoHideControl based upon
current form state, but it doesn't.

In our example will be executed DoHideControl at first and what is bad also in
next time of calling DoAutoHideControl...

Problem is in DoShowControl, it has condition which cause problems.
code snippet:
 if Self is TJvDockVSPopupPanel then
   do some form unhide code...

so if you want to run "form unhide code" you have to use:
and NOT

I think it isn't clear and correct, because "hiding" works when you call
and doesn't when you call it again.

So I showed you some way, what do you think peter?
Maybe you have to change DoAutoHideControl, or just simple add DoUnAutoHideControl like this

procedure DoUnAutoHideControl(Control : TControl);
  if (Control.HostDockSite is TJvDockVSPopupPanel) then


2004-08-03 07:34

administrator   ~0004894

Reminder sent to peter3

If you have time to look at this one, I would appreciate it.



2004-08-04 00:24


I'm not sure what to do with this. Some testing seems to indicate that the proposed fixes doesn't work 100% either. For example, I often get a window without content when I use the code provided.

I am no expert in the docking components and I'm not able to determine how to resolve this issue. Unless someone provides a working fix, I don't see how I am going to fix it. Sorry I can't be of more help.


2004-10-04 11:50

developer   ~0005296

Duplicate, see 0001844.

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