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0001850JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-06-23 08:42
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Summary0001850: Exception when using Thousand separator in DisplayFormat with TJvDBCalcEdit
DescriptionWhen DisplayFormat of TJvDBCalcEdit is set with ThounsandSeparator (',', ie: '#,##0.00'), procedure DataChanged fails because it makes a try to convert DisplayText to Float with StrToFloat. But StrToFloat doesn't convert strings with thounsand separator (Delphi help says it !). So I made an update which convert thousand separator to empty char :

In JvDBControls :

procedure TJvDBCalcEdit.DataChanged;
  if Assigned(FDataLink) and Assigned(FDataLink.Field) {and DecimalPlaceRound} then
    EditText := DisplayText;
      if EditText <> '' then
        if ( StrToFloat( ReplaceString( EditText, ThousandSeparator, '')) = 0) and ZeroEmpty then
          EditText := '';
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has duplicate 0001851 resolvedremkobonte Bug on changing value on TJvDBCalcEdit when DisplayFormat is set with thousand separator 



2004-06-23 08:42

developer   ~0004601

Okay, thanks for the report and fix.

I used StrToFloat(TextToValText(EditText)) instead of ReplaceString.

Fixed in rev 1.60

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